Complete Footwear Solutions

We are a local store dedicated to helping people find the appropriate footwear, and footwear solutions for problem feet. 

Jay Umansky (Owner), C. Ped , L. Ped, OST
At age 25 he went out to start his own Pedorthic facility in Lincolnwood IL; BOS Lab. He acquired quite a following, many of which he still sees today. After 4 years BOS Lab closed and he went on to service the University of Chicago Clinics working with Dr. Bragge and Dr. Toulan while employed at a Chicago area Pedorthic facility. It is there that he met and trained Ed in Pedorthics not knowing what the future would hold for the two of them. Jay started Birkenstock Solutions [Agony of De-Feet] in November of 2000. In addition to running a successful business, Jay does numerous on site talks, clinics and in-services to bring the field of Pedorthics to the public as well as attempting to merge the field with that of other allied medical professionals. People attending have even left these events with no shoes, why?.... they threw them in the garbage after learning why they were of no value. Jay has attended Ball State University in Indiana where he received his credentials as Orthopedic Shoe Technician (OST). His Pedorthic certification came from his education at Northwestern Medical School in Chicago. His many years of experience and understanding of biomechanics / anatomy give him a unique ability to explain things in terms that people can relate to. Oh, by the way, Jay's father still helps us out today. 


Michael Fishkin, C.Ped.

Michael was a Psychology major in college. He is very passionate about helping individuals. He came in looking for a job where he would be able to go above and beyond in providing people a service unmatched anywhere. Being diagnosed with Juvenile, Type-1 Diabetes when he was 12, this fueled Michael's motivation to help anyone. Falling into a position where he would be working with other diabetics, others who have different ailments, and he will now be able to provide them with relief. Michael pursued pedorthics much further, recently completed the Agony of De-Feet Apprentice program, and attended The Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, Prosthetics-Orthotics gaining his Pedorthic Certification (C.Ped). He is continuing his education to gain his License to become an (L. Ped). We look forward to watching him grow within the industry. His inventiveness is a fuel that Pedorthics requires.  Your patient will be happily surprised by Michael Fishkin's passion for helping people.

704 Florsheim Dr.
Libertyville, IL 60048